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We have a comprehensive stock of sands for every use under the sun.

Brickies Sand                                                                                                                      Brickies sand, which is ideal for mixing with cement for brickwork, concrete and footings. This yellow builders’ sand can also be used as a base under paving.

Paving and Lawn Sand                                                                                                      If you are looking for a multi-purpose sand, look no further. This yellow sand is ideal for all your paving jobs as a base layer and can also be used to top dress your lawn. Driveways and walkways depend on paving sand for a sturdy foundation.

White Washed Sand                                                                                                     Sand also plays a role in keeping your kids safe and out of harm’s way. This is the sand you want to use in children’s play area’s and sweeping between paving. When this sand is dry, it’s extremely soft and, unlike other sands, is clear of impurities.

Plasterers Sand                                                                                                       Screened plaster sand is perfect for any type of rendering. It is finer and softer than brickies sand, which means you can also use it to top dress your lawns.

River Sand                                                                                                                       River sand is a sharp sand ideal for areas that need drainage. Great in horse arenas, stables, bird aviaries and under water tanks.

Fill Sand                                                                                                                               Fill sand is  a unscreened sand that comes directly from the pit.  Ideal for back filling or as  a base for before for your garden beds.