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Landscape Supplies

With everything readily available in one place, you won’t find yourself stuck without any of the essentials needed to complete your perfect garden.

Bali Gardens and Stone is one of the leading providers of landscape supplies in Perth. We take great pride in the gardening solutions we offer, turning your landscaping dreams into a reality.  Contact us today to discuss your  landscape needs in Perth.                                   Our wide range of products are used for various gardening and landscaping requirements by a variety of clients, including large commercial enterprises right through to your backyard gardener. Choose from our selection of mulches, soils,sands and gravels.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

Benefits of using mulch

  • Prevention of the top layer of soil drying out
  • Reduces the need for watering by 60%; it keeps the ground moist
  • Prevents weeds and the germination of weed seeds that compete with plants for moisture and nutrients
  • Consistent soil temperature constant                                                                            We recommend applying a layer between 75mm – 100mm of mulch. Avoid mulching up to the stem of plants or compacting mulch once laid. A light rake over the mulch will allow aeration to the plant roots.

Karri & Peat Mulch                                                                                                       Karri and Peat mulch is a fine black mulch that looks great on smaller cottage style gardens. It is a completely organic mulch, consisting of crushed karri bark and screened peat that restricts weeds and aids water retention. We supply in bulk or you can purchase 30 litre bags.

Kimberley Red Mulch                                                                                                    Crushed bark and wood waste are blended then coloured. The colourants used are highly resistant to UV fading and don’t wash off in the elements. Suitable for home gardens and commercial applications. Available in bulk or bags.

Black Mulch                                                                                                                           A popular all-purpose dark mulch that is ideal for all garden and commercial applications, black mulch protects the soil and aids water retention. It consists of a blend of crushed pine slithers, recycled green waste and screened peat. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.

Mushroom Mulch                                                                                                Mushroom compost is an 100% organic medium suitable for supplying a balance of slow release nutrients and improving soil health. High-quality ingredients make this the ‘Rolls Royce’ of compost and mulch. It can be used as a mulch or soil builder and is suitable for organic growers, however it is NOT suitable for gardens with indigenous plants. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.

Jarrah Woodchips                                                                                                                   Chipped Jarrah  timber. Available in bulk and 30 litre bags.

Shredded Pine Bark                                                                                                           A natural red/brown pine bark mulch that Perth landscapers and gardeners use for that natural forest floor effect. It has a particular smell, and is largely used for plants with high acid content such as Azaleas and Roses. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.

Selecting the right soil for your project

We specialise in supplying bulk landscape soils and mixing products at affordable prices. If you are unsure about what type of soil you require, browse through the list below for more information, or contact us and chat to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.

Landscape Mix                                                                                                                 One of the most versatile types of soil is landscape mix, which is known as the ideal, all-purpose mix. It is created using a blend of topsoil, sawdust and chicken manure and peat to improve water retention. You can use landscape mix for planting new garden beds as it is not too harsh on fresh roots.  Landscape Mix can also be used underneath roll-on turf or seeded lawn. It is a great soil to use all year round; you can either buy in bulk or pre-order 30 litre bags.

Special Lawn Mix                                                                                                                If your lawn is looking dry and worn out, using this special lawn mix as a top dressing will bring it back to life by rejuvenating the roots. The best time to top dress is in the spring and summer season, after mowing; just be sure to water it in properly. By the time winter has come and gone, your lawn will look bright and lively. The mix composes of lawn sand, sawdust, chicken manure and Gingin loam, and is suitable to use underneath turf or seeded lawn. You can choose to bulk buy or purchase the 20kg bags.

Vegetable Mix                                                                                                                  This mix is ideal for new planting or vegetable gardens. It is a rich mix that contains topsoil, Gingin loam, chicken manure, compost, saw dust, karri barkfines and peat to aid water retention. Available in bulk or you can pre-order in 30 litre bags.

Soil Conditioner                                                                                                     Designed to be mixed with sandy soil, our soil conditioner is an all-natural, organic mix that contains screened peat, chicken manure, humus, red loam and sawdust. Use soil conditioner to retain moisture and encourage soil helpers, like worms. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.

Sand Sand Sand

We have a comprehensive stock of sands for every use under the sun.

Brickies Sand                                                                                                                      Brickies sand, which is ideal for mixing with cement for brickwork, concrete and footings. This yellow builders’ sand can also be used as a base under paving.

Paving and Lawn Sand                                                                                                      If you are looking for a multi-purpose sand, look no further. This yellow sand is ideal for all your paving jobs as a base layer and can also be used to top dress your lawn. Driveways and walkways depend on paving sand for a sturdy foundation.

White Washed Sand                                                                                                     Sand also plays a role in keeping your kids safe and out of harm’s way. This is the sand you want to use in children’s play area’s and sweeping between paving. When this sand is dry, it’s extremely soft and, unlike other sands, is clear of impurities.

Plasterers Sand                                                                                                       Screened plaster sand is perfect for any type of rendering. It is finer and softer than brickies sand, which means you can also use it to top dress your lawns.

River Sand                                                                                                                       River sand is a sharp sand ideal for areas that need drainage. Great in horse arenas, stables, bird aviaries and under water tanks.

Fill Sand                                                                                                                               Fill sand is  a unscreened sand that comes directly from the pit.  Ideal for back filling or as  a base for before for your garden beds.

Why choose us?

Countless gardens have benefited from our garden supply delivery service in the Perth region. We are committed to raising the standard of landscaping, one garden at a time. If you have a green thumb you will want to choose us as your landscape supplier because:

  • Convenience – We keep a comprehensive stock to satisfy the requirements of any professional landscaper or home gardener.
  • Value for money – Our products are fairly-priced and suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Experience – We offer great advice based on our many years of experience.

Contact us today for a leading landscape supplier in Perth.