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Benefits of using mulch

  • Prevention of the top layer of soil drying out
  • Reduces the need for watering by 60%; it keeps the ground moist
  • Prevents weeds and the germination of weed seeds that compete with plants for moisture and nutrients
  • Consistent soil temperature constant                                                                            We recommend applying a layer between 75mm – 100mm of mulch. Avoid mulching up to the stem of plants or compacting mulch once laid. A light rake over the mulch will allow aeration to the plant roots.

Karri & Peat Mulch Karri and Peat mulch is a fine black mulch that looks great on smaller cottage style gardens. It is a completely organic mulch, consisting of crushed karri bark and screened peat that restricts weeds and aids water retention. We supply in bulk or you can purchase 30 litre bags.

Kimberley Red Mulch Crushed bark and wood waste are blended then coloured. The colourants used are highly resistant to UV fading and don’t wash off in the elements. Suitable for home gardens and commercial applications. Available in bulk or bags.

Black Mulch A popular all-purpose dark mulch that is ideal for all garden and commercial applications, black mulch protects the soil and aids water retention. It consists of a blend of crushed pine slithers, recycled green waste and screened peat. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.

Mushroom Mulch Mushroom compost is an 100% organic medium suitable for supplying a balance of slow release nutrients and improving soil health. High-quality ingredients make this the ‘Rolls Royce’ of compost and mulch. It can be used as a mulch or soil builder and is suitable for organic growers, however it is NOT suitable for gardens with indigenous plants. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.

Jarrah Woodchips Chipped Jarrah  timber. Available in bulk and 30 litre bags.

Shredded Pine Bark A natural red/brown pine bark mulch that Perth landscapers and gardeners use for that natural forest floor effect. It has a particular smell, and is largely used for plants with high acid content such as Azaleas and Roses. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.